A Short History of BND

2003.09.06 | 미분류

BND 히스토리를 해주시긴 했느데
더 좋은 자료를 찾았습니다.
다시 정리해서 올리겠습니다.

일단은 이것부터~~

A Short History of BND

In the Beginning. . .
… were, believe it or not, the economists. Or, more accurately, (a) some (b) political (c) economists.
Before the first BND hit the streets in Vancouver still less than a decade there was already a considerable track record of more than a hundred years of enquiry and debate on the consumption and hyper-consumption sides of capitalism.
And as the productive power of the engines of the economy shifted into high gear, the buying power of even us ordinary people began to be not only noticeable but even has been increasingly considered by quite some number of thoughtful observers as a necessary precondition of well-being as the 20th century picked up speed. “We buy so that others may live” might be thought of as a slogan for this current of thinking and practice. Political economists such as Heilbrunner and Hirschmann among others have raised many questions on this score, which even today are far from being satisfactorily answered.
A recent essay that you will find on the site of the ever provocative Paul Krugman provides a pretty good synopsis of the main line economic thinking on our topic.

But back on the action side, out there on the streets, what is now coming to be firmly known around the planet as the World Buy Nothing Day campaign traces to several initiatives, places and names.

The first “No Shop Day” (as it was initially called) that we know of was started in 1992 as a personal initiative by Ted Dave, a Canadian who made his living by working in the advertising world. His idea was to organize a collective protest against the unrelenting calls to overconsume, with the advertising and marketing professions at the core.
His original motto was: “Enough is enough!” In addition to the Buy Nothing Day and Adbusters sites on the Web, the battery of proposed weapons included uncommericals and spoof ads (both of which you can access directly here.

On the other side of the Atlantic two years later an independent project was proposed and tested in 1994, led Wolfgang Zuckermann and The Commons. Their project and call to action was called Consumer Holiday. At the time the Consumer Holiday team knew nothing of the pioneering Canadian project, but came to know it in the process of developing ideas and getting support for their own proposed anti-consumption project. As a result we dropped our proposal and arranged for The Commons to provide immediate support to the Adbuster’s project as soon as we learned of it. This support continues to this day.

Since great minds often do work alike, it was hardly surprising that on year later, in 1995, Omslag, the Workplace for Sustainable Development in Sint-Michielsgestel, introduced the International “Niet-Winkeldag” (No Shop Day) in the Netherlands. As was the case with the project of The Commons, the Dutch project has since worked in close collaboration with the Adbusters campaign, as can be see from the menu on this site.

There have been a number of other independent precursors, and indeed if you have anything on them we would be pleased to add them to this little historical overview. Since then the idea has been picked up in more and more countries as you can readily see from the materials collected in this sit and in ist many links and extensions.

Additional Background and Perspective
Here are several introductory statements on BND and its meanings and objectives, that you may find useful by way of introduction to the considerable breadth of thinking that is out there on this subject:

The Adbusters BND Tour
BND FAQs (from New Zealand)
Background note from NWD International site
Enough’s Anticonsumerism Campaign

BND의 기원을 첫 BND가 10여년 전 타격한 벤쿠버라기 보기 이전에 ( 몇몇의 정치적인 경제학자는….) 100년 이상의 자본주의소비와 소비지향주의 속에서라고… 한답니다…
자본주의가 가지고 있는 생산의 힘(power of the engines…high gear)….

ㅋㅋ 중략

BND의 창시자인 광고계에서 종사하는 테드 데이브는
처음 시작하게 된것은 그가 가지고 있는 충분하리 만큼 충분하다는것이었다고합니다…(Enough is enough!)
광고가 가지고 있는 오점들을 거부했던 것입니다…

2년 후인 1994년 아틀란타에서 소비권을 둔 움직임이 있었고..

계속해서 BND는 전 세계로 확장되었답니다…

녹색연합은 BND를 진행해 오면서
소비로 잃어버린 삶의 가치를 되찾으려는데
더이상 더 잃어버리기를 거부합니다..

젊은이들이 이 운동에 참여하면서
우리 생활에 침투해 있는 소비바이러스..어플루엔자를 퇴치할수있을 겁니다….

문화와 놀이로 우리가 말하고자 하는 삶의 가치와 함께 삶에 대해 2003 BND에서도 우리는 말할것입니다…

녹색연합의 활동에 당신의 후원이 필요합니다