Please save our friend, Orangutan

2004.04.26 | 미분류

We have seen orangutans at zoo and through TV. Although many people remember their miraculous and cute movements, there are few people who know they’re endangered.

It is said that ‘orang’ means human and ‘utan’ means forest in Malay-language-family. Orangutan called ‘person of the forest’ is one of the Primates and almost same as human genetically, about 99%.

Orangutan lived in whole South Asia from India to China before the Stone Age. The number of orangutans was over millions at that time, but it has sharply declined. The whole number of them is less than 30 thousand all over the world recently. Most of them are living in Sumatra island and Borneo island near Indonesia, Southeast Asia.

There are two main reasons why they’re endangered. The first reason is decrease of habitats. They’re living in rain forests due to biological features. But forest habitats of Sumatra and Borneo islands are conversed into farmlands, and destroyed by huge commercial plantations and small scale farms for living. As a result, lower forest of Borneo and Sumatra are almost disappearing. Also, orangutans and other species of forest are being pushed higher forest. Higher forests are a lot less productive and can’t feed on concentrated animals. Thus, orangutans dispossessed of their home are dying.

The second one is that orangutans are sold as a pet. They’re very famous for their specially cute and lovely features. A broadcaster in Taiwan showed young orangutans as a pet some years ago, and from this happening, consumption of them skyrocketed. Young orangutans over 2000 were captured and sold to Taiwan. Investigators are estimating mommy orangutans over 6000 was killed, and young orangutans over 4000 were captured or killed.

Many young orangutans are traded secretly and illegally to be sold as pets, and many are also dying in this process. Extinction of orangutan who is almost similar to human was caused not by any other reasons, but by us, human beings. Egoism of mankind are causing extinction of one species.

It is our power and efforts that can stop this. We may not be able to go to rain forest to protect orangutans directly, but if we can support Indonesia organization for orangutan protect by gathering our concerns and care, we can save so many orangutans. Please support and help to protect orangutans from danger of poaching, offer places they can rest safely and educate them to live bravely, by your care. You can be a guardian of nature, if you have naïve heart loving nature and a little care of orangutans. We’re waiting your concern and participation for help “person of the forest” suffering in Sumatra and Borneo islands.

녹색연합의 활동에 당신의 후원이 필요합니다