Tiger cub found dead in Khabarovsky region

2005.02.26 | 미분류

얼마전 꼴이 엉망인 호랑이 새-끼 한마리가 하바로프스크의 한 마을에 내려왔다가 생포되었는데, 한달 뒤 같은 마을에서 호랑이 새-끼 한마리가 또 시체로 발견되었습니다. 아마도 형제지간으로 추측되는데 어미가 밀렵된 것 같습니다.

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Tiger cub found dead in Khabarovsky region, Russian Far East

Another tiger casualty was registered in the south of Khabarovsky region, Russian Far East, in the beginning of 2005.

On February 06, 2005 a tiger cub was found dead near Medvezhy village of Vyazemsky district, a wildlife manager reported to Inspection Tiger team. The rangers assume that the cub was from the same litter as the wounded cub that had been found near the same village and taken to the Utyos Rehabilitation Centre on January 18. The Khabarovsky anti-poaching team of Inspection Tiger, local wildlife managers, and forestry workers put a lot of effort into the search of presumably wounded or shot tigress – the mother of the cubs, but failed as there was a heavy snowfall. Without their mother, small tiger cubs are unable to survive in the taiga on their own, especially in winter-time and die without human help.

The wounded female tiger cub (see Sick and injured tiger cub…) received several operations and is recovering under supervision of the specialists of the Utyos Rehabilitation Centre.

The Khabarovsky anti-poaching team of Inspection Tiger is supported by the Phoenix Fund (Russia) and the Save the Tiger Fund (USA).

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