Energy Club (

2002.06.26 | 미분류

*Energy Club (– founded by 10 Green Hungarian organizations at the National Meeting of Environmental and Nature Conservation organizations in Tata in 1991. In the beginning, it operated as the Energy Working Group of the ETK (ELTE Nature Conservation Club), and in September 1995 it was registered as an independent organization. In 1998, the Energy Club received the Highest Public Interest Status.
Our aim is to minimize the environmental and social problems stemming from energy production and use. To this purpose, we advocate the creation of a sustainable and nuclear-free energy sector that is decentralized, diversified and founded upon the Least Cost Principle. By decentralized, we mean a sector based on the coordination of many small units using local resources. By diversified, we mean resting on many pillars, which can include many elements ranging from renewable energy resources use, through energy efficiency, to resolving import dependency issues.

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