Environmental Bureau of Investigation (www.e-b-i.net)

2002.06.26 | 미분류

*Environmental Bureau of Investigation (www.e-b-i.net)– The Environmental Bureau of Investigation (EBI), a project of the Energy Probe Research Foundation (EPRF), is dedicated to the protection of public resources through the application and enforcement of environmental laws.
A citizen-based investigative outfit, EBI investigates pollution sources and, when necessary, prosecutes those responsible. EBI’s methods include investigation, prosecution, exposure and education. The goals of EBI are to investigate and prosecute environmental crime, assist individuals and groups in their fight against polluters, develop public education tools to empower citizens to stop pollution, and publish and publicize information on pollution sources and sites.
To ensure scientifically and legally strong arguments, EBI researches its cases thoroughly and focuses on a few projects that directly relate to its objectives. EBI’s success in these endeavours is determined by the environmental action and clean-up taken as a result of our involvement.
It is hoped that as a result of EBI’s activities, our environment and resources will be better protected.

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