Environmental Defense Society (www.eds.org.nz)

2002.06.26 | 미분류

*Environmental Defense Society (www.eds.org.nz)– a New Zealand based environmental advocacy organisation. It is primarily a network of professional people who are prepared to assist the Society undertake its work on a voluntary basis, together with a community of people who support the Society financially through their membership.
The Society identifies issues which it wishes to pursue. These need to be of at least national scope in their impact, or in their potential to set either precedents or policy.  
Its broad areas for action are:
The Society pursues its aims through a mixture of promoting policy development, advocacy and through involvement in selected planning cases. It sees itself as a ‘process guardian’ – ensuring that environmental decisions are made properly.
Its area of action is primarily New Zealand but it is prepared to act  in South Pacific nations on like matters, with local partners.

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