GREEN Senegal (

2002.06.26 | 미분류

*GREEN Senegal (– GREEN Senegal is an organisation dedicated to the protection of the environment through the sustainable use of natural resources.
Established in 1999, GREEN combines a profound understanding of environmental issues in Senegal and West Africa with experience working with international and bilateral donors. GREEN Senegal seeks local solutions to local environmental problems through the participation of all actors concerned. As a national NGO, GREEN bridges the gap between macro and micro-level development planning and implementation processes. GREEN Senegal reflects the growing determination of African people to command a dynamic leadership role in the development process of our own societies and economies.
The team is composed of development professionals with experience in the areas of environment, agro-forestry, strategic planning, monitoring and evaluation, communications, participatory research and action, environmental policy and natural resource management. In addition to the core team are interns, consultants and partner NGOs who bring a range of expertise to GREEN Senegal’s work.

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