Israeli Union for Environmental Defense (

2002.06.26 | 미분류

*Israeli Union for Environmental Defense (– Founded in 1990, IUED pioneered the effective use of legal advocacy as a means of safeguarding Israel’s environment.
With legal standing under a number of environmental laws to take civil and criminal action on the public’s behalf, IUED pursues a vigorous agenda of strategically focused projects in four key areas: air pollution prevention, drinking water safety, solid waste management, and accessible open spaces.
Through the courts, IUED leverages real change in the way industries, developers and official agencies relate to the country’s most pressing environmental problems.
IUED is also Israel’s leader in building a sound legislative and regulatory basis for environmental protection.
Our vision includes the weaving of environmental issues into the broader fabric of Israeli civil society. Through courtroom advocacy, planning committee interventions, and legislative/regulatory reform efforts, IUED plays a key role in advancing civic values that are essential to Israel’s development as a modern democratic society.

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