Nature Conservancy of Canada (

2002.06.26 | 미분류

*Nature Conservancy of Canada (– For over 40 years, the Nature Conservancy of Canada (NCC) has been working to protect Canada’s most threatened natural habitats and the endangered species that call them home.
NCC is Canada’s only national charity dedicated to preserving ecologically significant areas through outright purchase, donations and conservation easements. Our plan of action is partnership building and creative deal-making with any individual, corporation, community group, conservation group or government body that shares our passion. The results? Since 1962 we have secured a long-term future for more than 1000 properties, comprising 1.67 million acres of magnificent woodlands and seashores, internationally significant wetlands, threatened prairies, and a host of other precious natural places. And in the process, we’ve won the confidence of Canadians who want to protect their natural heritage for generations to come.

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