Northwest Earth Institute (

2002.06.26 | 미분류

*Northwest Earth Institute (– The Northwest Earth Institute (NWEI) develops programs that motivate and educate individuals and organizations to protect the earth.
Key Principles and Mission
NWEI programs encourage participants to explore their values, attitudes, and actions through discussion with other people. These programs are organized around three key principles:
·        An earth-centered ethic promoting individual responsibility for the earth.
·        The practice of engaged simplicity to enrich life and reduce personal impact on the earth.
·        A dedication to living fully in place and protecting the unique ecosystem in which you live.
Founded in 1993 by long-time activists Jeanne and Dick Roy, NWEI initially brought a single course, Exploring Deep Ecology, into mainstream workplaces to engage people in earth-centered conversation. Today, NWEI volunteers offer a variety of programs in workplaces at noon, and in homes, centers of faith, neighborhoods, and other places where groups of 8 to 12 can meet.

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