Save Nature Society- Philippines (

2002.06.26 | 미분류

*Save Nature Society- Philippines (– was formed on November 8, 1994 by young professionals, who believed that they could substantially contribute to the environment conservation movement in the Philippines.
Primarily, it seeks to promote an interest in the Philippine flora and fauna for the purpose of conserving and developing a wholesome environment for the people. To attain this goal, the Society has the following objectives:
1. Act as forum for persons interested in nature conservation by holding regular meetings, providing an information service and publishing a bulletin keeping members informed of current developments in nature conservation;
2. Collate and make available for public use materials on nature conservation and publish a journal;
3. Work with other organizations with similar aims, within the country and abroad;
4. Encourage members to carry out conservation-oriented research on flora and fauna and their habitats;
5. Foster closer relationship among its members and encourage mutual assistance and cooperation among others.

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