[statement]The Korean government, as a host of CBD COP host, has to do these at least.

2014.10.06 | 가리왕산

The Korean government, as a host of CBD COP host, has to do these at least.


The Korean government is the host of CBD COP12. This COP12 is a very important event in which we should check how much Aichi Targets are achieved. Thus, the Korean government must show a good example in preserving biodiversity. But currently biodiversity is being ignored in place after place in this country.


Therefore, we urge the Korean government, as the host of CBC COP12, to do the following obligations at least.


Immediately stop destroying the natural forest of Mt. Gariwang for just a 3-day ski competition.

Mt. Gariwang, a protected area for forest genetic resources, is one of the best natural forests, which has been protected by the government since the Chosun dynasty. However, more than 40,000 trees aging over hundreds years are being logged for just a 3 day alpine skiing. Mt. Gariwang’s wind-hole area is also an invaluable heritage that we should preserve for our next generation.



Reflect the 4 major rivers project which completely destroyed the river ecosystem and re-naturalize the 4 major rivers.

It is the 4 major rivers project that turned natural rivers of the country into concrete structures. The ecosystems of the 4 major rivers are deteriorating year by year. The government should declare re-naturalization of the 4 major rivers. We should reflect and correct mistakes.


Reconsider cable car projects in Mt. Seorak and Mr. Jiri from the beginning.

If the government takes account of the benefits for the people, it should consider not only promotion of tourism but also ecological prospect. It does not make sense to complete the review of cable car construction in just 7 months while it takes 7 years in other countries.


Stop building of large-scale wind power plants that destroys forest ecosystems in the disguise of eco-friendly.

Forest ecosystems together with river ecosystems are the core of all biodiversity. In Korea where forests account for more than 60% of its territory, the importance of forest ecosystems are cannot be overestimated. But, the building of large-scale wind power plants is threatening even top-graded ecological areas in the disguise of eco-friendly. The building of large scale wind power plant has to be stopped immediately because it totally ignores basic principles – small scale and decentralized – of eco-friendly energy policies.



The Korean government has turned a blind eye to a commitment which the international community should keep together. It welcomes a microphone on the podium of the UN while it ignores the obligation it has as the host of CBD COP. Biodiversity loss is the common crisis and task of mankind. And it can only be solved by our common efforts. The Korean government has to do the above mentioned at least, because it is the host of CBD COP.




October 6, 2014

Green Korea United / Korea Civil Network for CBD


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