Thousand (1000) Friends of Oregon (

2002.06.26 | 미분류

*Thousand (1000) Friends of Oregon (– a nonprofit charitable organization, founded in 1975 by Governor Tom McCall and Henry Richmond as the citizens’ voice for land use planning that protects Oregon’s quality of life from the effects of growth.

1000 Friends of Oregon works to:
• Conserve Oregon’s productive farm, forest and range lands
• Promote compact, livable cities with affordable housing, greenspaces and transportation choices
• Protect natural resources and scenic areas along the Coast and across Oregon
• Defend the opportunities for citizens to participate in the planning decisions affecting Oregon and their communities
These objectives are to be achieved through Oregon’s pioneering statewide program to plan for Oregon’s growth and in conjunction with other state, local and regional land use planning efforts.
Our work is a combination of advocacy, education and research.

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